In a much-loved heritage setting in leafy Hawthorn sits a timeless double-storey home. While acutely sensitive to the multitude of period homes in the area, its bold contemporary forms make a clear statement. Through a considered design approach and judicious material selection, Hawthorn Grove is a quiet standout.

It’s thoughtful creativity at its best, thanks to the uber-talented, yet humble Matthew Herbert, founder of Herbert & Howes.

Petersen Kolumba bricks

The young family who now call Hawthorn Grove home, enjoy a spacious and light-filled four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom house, complete with study, twin living areas, landscaped garden and pool. A particular highlight of the internal design is a magnificent central spiral staircase, naturally lit by an overhead circular skylight, directing light into the home’s core; the clever use of space and light throughout has created a feeling of spaciousness on a compact allotment.

The entire design is simple and understated, yet sophisticated in its refinement.

The material palette is a case in point. Materials were selected for their tactile quality, luxurious appearance and timeless appeal, with a focus on traditional building materials that are low maintenance and beautiful, complementing the homes adjoining the site.

Externally, the handmade Petersen bricks, without doubt, are the clear hero.

“The Petersen Kolumba (K50) bricks (or Petersen bricks in general) are a favourite of ours, and were the perfect fit for a new home in a heritage neighbourhood. The traditional method of manufacture of these bricks ties in perfectly with the more than century-old area,” Matt explains.

Petersen Kolumba bricks

Most striking in the external design is “the curved projection of the internal spiral staircase on the façade, beautifully finished with handmade Petersen K50 bricks. These have been individually cut into thirds to create the external expression of the stairs within,” Matt continues. Full praise goes to bricklayer Rob Morgan of RSM Bricklaying, who has done an immaculate job.

The result? Pure brick art.

Blackened matte finish steel and light timber cladding complete the external palette, superbly complementing the pale grey brickwork. Lush green plantings deliver an exquisite finishing touch, contributing as much to the overall appearance of the architecture as the materials themselves, bringing Hawthorn Grove to full, remarkable life.

Petersen Kolumba bricks

While COVID did slow construction in 2020, Dean Dugdale Developments had the family happily settled in well before Christmas of that year. Herbert & Howes, and the entire team, are to be congratulated for delivering an outstanding home with a striking contemporary style that sits more than comfortably within its heritage context.

Project details

Architect: Herbert & Howes

Builder: Dean Dugdale Developments

Bricklayer: Rob Morgan, RSM Bricklaying

Landscape design: Dean Dugdale Developments

Product: Petersen Kolumba bricks (K50)

Photography: Nicole England