In the pursuit of sustainability and environmental responsibility, the choice of materials for our outdoor spaces plays a crucial role. Amidst a sea of options, Outlook Mesh emerges as Australia's most eco-friendly choice for external blinds.

Dow Ecolibrium technology: At the heart of Outlook Mesh lies Dow Ecolibrium, an innovative technology that sets it apart as a sustainable solution. This bio-based plasticiser reduces greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 40%, making it a frontrunner in eco-friendly mesh materials. By opting for Outlook Mesh, you're not just enhancing your outdoor space – you're also contributing to a greener future.

Greenguard Gold certification: Outlook Mesh is proud to carry the prestigious Greenguard Gold certification, a testament to its low emissions and commitment to indoor air quality. This certification ensures that Outlook Mesh meets stringent standards for environmental sustainability, making it a trusted choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Microban anti-microbial treatment: In addition to its eco-friendly credentials, Outlook Mesh also boasts Microban anti-microbial treatment. This innovative technology inhibits the growth of mould and mildew, ensuring that your external blinds remain clean and hygienic for years to come. By preventing microbial growth, Outlook Mesh promotes a healthier outdoor environment for you and your loved ones.

UV stabilisation and fire retardancy: Outlook Mesh goes above and beyond in its commitment to sustainability and safety. With UV stabilisation properties, it resists fading and degradation under harsh sunlight, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, Outlook Mesh is designed to meet Australian standards for fire retardancy, providing peace of mind and protection against fire hazards.

Supporting Melanoma Institute Australia: Beyond its eco-friendly features, Outlook Mesh also makes a meaningful impact in the fight against melanoma. A percentage of sales from Outlook Mesh is donated to Melanoma Institute Australia, supporting vital research and prevention programs. By choosing Outlook Mesh for your external blinds, you're not just making a sustainable choice – you're also contributing to a worthy cause.

In a world where sustainability matters more than ever, Outlook Mesh shines as Australia's greenest option for external blinds. With its innovative technologies, eco-friendly certifications, and commitment to supporting important causes, Outlook Mesh offers a winning combination of sustainability, performance, and style. Make the switch to Outlook Mesh today and transform your outdoor space with confidence, knowing that you're making a positive impact on the planet.