The ultimate guardian for childcare environments, providing timeless quality, aesthetic appeal, and premium sun protection is Coolshade. It is the unrivalled choice for safeguarding our little ones from the elements.

Key features for childcare protection:

Engineered to last: Coolshade is more than just a shade cloth; it's a durable fortress. Crafted with longevity in mind, it comes with a robust 12-year warranty, ensuring it withstands the rigors of childcare settings.

Maximum UV protection: With Coolshade, we go beyond basic shading. Offering up to 97% UVR protection, it creates a haven of coolness and safety, shielding children from the harsh effects of the sun.

Versatile colour range: Understanding the significance of aesthetics in childcare spaces, Coolshade boasts a vast range of colours. Seamlessly integrating into any environment, it allows for personalisation and a visually stimulating atmosphere.

Mould and mildew resistance: Thriving in all climates, Coolshade remains resilient against mould and mildew. This resistance ensures a pristine and hygienic environment, crucial for the wellbeing of the children.

HDPE monofilament tape: Crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament tape, Coolshade stands as a reliable barrier against various elements. Its robust construction guarantees a protective shield for our little ones.

Applications in childcare settings:

Outdoor play areas: Ideal for schoolyards, Coolshade turns outdoor play areas into safe havens, providing continuous sun protection during playtime.

Childcare centres: In childcare centres, where children spend substantial time outdoors, Coolshade becomes an essential element, ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for both play and learning.

Council playgrounds: Council playgrounds benefit from Coolshade's durability and protection, ensuring a secure space for children to engage in physical activities.

Nurturing growth: Coolshade is not just a fabric; it's a testament to our commitment to nurturing the growth and wellbeing of the youngest members of our community. With Coolshade, childcare spaces become vibrant, protected, and inviting – a sanctuary for exploration and learning.

In childcare, where every detail matters, Coolshade stands as a trusted ally, creating an environment that prioritises safety, comfort, and the joy of discovery for our little ones.