Where style meets substance, and where the sun bows to innovation. Let's look into the brilliance of Outlook Zero Stripes, a jewel in the Sun Control division of Ricky. This exceptional textile is improving the way we experience sun protection, effortlessly blending elegance with efficiency.

The essence of Outlook Zero Stripes

Outlook Zero Stripes is the sun control solution; it's a statement of contemporary design and unwavering performance. With a selection of solid and stripe colours, this textile combines aesthetics with functionality, looking good while protecting against the elements.

Unparalleled protection – 0% Openness, 100% Visual Block-out

Discover the unique features that set Outlook Zero Stripes apart. With 0% openness, it offers exceptional weather protection and a complete visual block-out. Dive into the science behind this innovation, understanding how it transforms spaces by shielding them from the sun's harshest elements.

Applications that transcend boundaries

Outlook Zero Stripes isn't confined to a single domain; it's a versatile solution that transcends expectations. Explore its applications in external blinds and awnings, witnessing first-hand how this textile elevates outdoor spaces with a touch of sophistication.

Outlook Zero Stripes

Features that define excellence

UV stabilised: Outlook mesh fabrics are UV stabilised, which prevents them from fading under intense UV rays. It also increases the textiles' longevity and ensures easy cleaning.

Greenguard Gold: Outlook is engineered with environmental responsibility as one of its key criteria. The lead and phthalate free formulation provides low emissions and is Gold Level certified by Greenguard.

Dow Ecolibrium: Outlook features the exclusive bio-based Dow Ecolibrium plasticiser technology, which reduces greenhouse gases by 40%. Dow Ecolibrium preserves the equivalent of one litre of oil for every 10 square metres of fabric compared to petroleum-based equivalents.

Microban: Outlook fabrics include Microban anti-microbial technology. This provides ease of maintenance by inhibiting mould and mildew growth.

Fire retardant: Outlook fabrics are designed for commercial environments and tested to the relevant Australian standards.

Melanoma Institute Australia: When you choose Outlook, you are supporting Melanoma Institute Australia. Ricky Richards proudly donates a percentage of Outlook sales to fund vital Melanoma research and prevention programs.

Full 10-Year Warranty: Outlook is a proven performer under the Australian elements and is supported with an industry-leading full 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Ready to elevate your spaces? Explore the sophistication of Outlook Zero Stripes

When you choose Outlook Zero Stripes, it's evident that elegance and efficiency are not mutually exclusive. Here at Ricky, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to sun control, and quality is a top priority. Embrace the future of sun protection with Outlook Zero Stripes, where style and substance become one.