If you’d love a solution to help you enjoy your outdoor areas during the winter but not sure how, consider Ricky Richards' Glacier Clear PVC. It offers a perfect way to extend a space, whilst offering full protection from the elements in the colder months.


Glacier Clear PVC is suitable for commercial applications such as marquees and restaurant enclosures, which allow diners to be outdoors in wet weather but cosy, warm and dry within the PVC covered area. It is also suitable for residential applications. Thanks to its crystal-clear transparency, Glacier Clear PVC can be used to close off a space without compromising on design, keeping an area looking spacious and safe from the elements.


PVC is also a great textile to keep people in an area comfortable without impacting the outdoor views. Importantly, Glacier Clear PVC is water resistant and highly UV protective with low shrinkage. Glacier Clear PVC not only keeps you warm on a cold rainy day whilst still providing the views of the outdoors, but it’s also a long-lasting textile with high durability, making it perfect for busy environments where it may endure some wear and tear. This PVC is also cost-efficient, making it great for most budgets.

Why it's better

We believe the Glacier Clear PVC to be the best clear PVC out there, thanks to its compliance with REACH and ROHS as well as being phthalate free – this is especially important as phthalates are known to potentially damage the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system.