There are important things in life that you want to protect because they have functional, aesthetic or personal value. However, there are lots of potentially destructive elements out there that can take away the value or functionality of these things. Environmental elements such as heat, sunlight, wind and rain can eat away at under-protected surfaces, causing them to fade, tear or lose their function in some way. 

Vinyl is a material with properties that help ensure lasting facility. It is strong and durable, resistant to moisture and able to withstand rust and corrosion. Because of these characteristics, vinyl often fulfils a wide range of applications. In the construction industry alone, vinyl is used for gutters and downspouts, window frames, house siding, electrical wire installation, wall coverings and flooring, among other things. Self-adhesive vinyl offers another dimension to this versatile material.

What is self-adhesive vinyl (SAV)?

Self-adhesive vinyl is a thin, flexible material that is extremely strong and durable. The salient characteristic of this type of vinyl is the ease with which it can be applied. This vinyl comes with a paper backing that, when peeled off, reveals a sticky backing. It can then be applied to any flat surface in seconds. Because of its versatility, it can be used for signs or logos or to decorate and protect walls or flooring. 

What is the value of self-adhesive vinyl flooring?

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring is widely used because of its easy installation as well as its aesthetic form and functionality. It is worthwhile to buy self-adhesive vinyl because it is a cost-effective material that will stand up to wear and tear in its many disparate forms. 

If you are wondering whether self-adhesive vinyl is waterproof, then the answer is yes. Effectively, when this vinyl is placed over an entire surface area, it is sealed and repels water. Consider the tough conditions faced by any flooring. Elements are entering from the outdoors thanks to foot traffic, spills and splashing, and in bathrooms, for instance, the humidity factor rises exponentially. The wonder of SAV flooring is how – when applied properly – it doesn't allow moisture any quarter, preventing the start of the process of deterioration. 

Monomeric and polymeric SAV are both fine choices as protective and decorative coverings, especially for floors. The matte polyolefine SAV and the mono high tac SAV gloss both speak to another dynamic of vinyl, which is its ability to hold a vast amount of colours and patterns. Vinyl flooring can be designed to take on the appearance of wood, slate, stone or any number of other materials. 

Self-adhesive vinyl flooring

How do you install self-adhesive vinyl flooring? 

The process of installing self-adhesive vinyl flooring is straightforward. Often, SAV flooring will be cut into tiles, which makes it more manageable during application. Before it is laid, though, the flooring must be prepared.  

Details may vary according to the space, but basically, the floor that the tiles are going onto must be flat and thoroughly cleaned and dry, and the temperature must be moderate. At that point, it becomes a question of pattern and precision. This is a project that does not necessarily demand a professional to accomplish it.  

What is printable self-adhesive vinyl used for? 

Printable self-adhesive vinyl is a type of vinyl that can be fed through printers to apply any pattern or image. It has a lot of potential applications. People sometimes use printable vinyl to create small images or logos that they can then cut out and put on mugs, computers, lockers or counters. Because it is vinyl, even these small pieces remain strong and durable. For anybody who wants to create and distribute logos or advertisements for their brand, printable self-adhesive vinyl is a good choice. One can also print sheets that are pieces of a larger installation, such as flooring or a wall covering. 

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