The structures from Rhinoplay provide exploration, challenges, adventure, fun and social interaction through a balanced selection of play activities that are age-appropriate.

Rhinoplay is a small but fast growing company that operates its business in the indoor playground market with special focus on sales, marketing, maintenance and installation of indoor play centres.

The main features of Rhinoplay include its experience and superior knowledge in the industry and its efficiency of installation. Rhinoplay is one of the approved suppliers of McDonalds, it offers effective and efficient after sales service and customer service. It has an innovative approach to constantly develop the depth and breadth of the product range and it offers good quality installation.

Rhinoplay offers various services and products to its clients. The products and services offered by Rhinoplay include play structures, maintenance, cleaning, safety inspections, upgrading, fencing, log-books and tool box.

High quality and safe play structures are designed by Rhinoplay for its clients. The qualified installers of Rhinoplay can perform every type of maintenance needs according to the standards of Australia. .Rhinoplay also offers maintenance reminders to clients.