The products offered by Rhinoplay are divided under two categories. The categories include indoor play equipment and indoor play spare parts. Indoor play equipment include Ape bridge, brick set, bridge glide, child friendly panel, floor mat and climbing wall panel.

Other products under indoor play equipment include floor mat and climbing wall panel for aquarium, colour full tumble mat, crocodile ball pit, crocodile rocker, crocodile swamp, elephant slide, fairy tunnel, fish, gym drum, giraffe slide, island and hexagonal ball pit.

Ape Bridge offered by Rhinoplay is made using vinyl upholstery and foam padding. Brick set includes educational soft discs for playing and stacking for children. This is also made up of vinyl upholstery and foam padding.

Products under indoor play spare parts include electric blower, pool balls, bumper guard tube edge protector, Eva tiles, fibre glass rods, foam balls, foam post pads, netting and zip ties. Ball pool balls are suitable for any type of ball pool applications. They have been made soft to provide extra safety.

These pool balls are made of plastic and are available in various colours like pink, yellow, red, green, orange and blue. Pool balls offered by Rhinoplay are meant for light weight use only.