The Endura Delta is a balanced ventilation system from Renson designed to minimise energy consumption and maximise heat recovery. The Endura Delta has now received the ‘Passive House’ certification, making the unit ready for all passive houses. In terms of demand control, the built-in CO2, VOC and humidity sensors go further than existing D systems.

Passive house proof

Two air flow versions (330, and 380 m³/h) have been awarded the world-recognised ‘Passive House Certificate’ with the 450 m³/h variant to be recognised very soon. This means Renson can cover every passive house with the demand controlled Renson balance ventilation systems with heat recovery.

Demand control with energy advantages

The Endura Delta from Renson features built-in sensors that constantly measure humidity, CO2 and VOC in the internal air. Based on the information, the Endura Delta adapts its ventilation level to the resident's lifestyle and needs. This demand control system, therefore, results in a quiet ventilation system that uses very little energy and is highly efficient thanks to the efficient heat exchanger recovering up to 89% of the heat from the discharged air.

Ease of installation, user-friendliness and durability

The Endura Delta is available in two versions with the design based on the place of installation. The first one has four connections on the top (for installation on the ground floor or in the basement), and the second version has two connections on top and two below for installation in the attic.

Key features also include frost protection provided as standard to guarantee excellent internal air quality, even at cold temperatures; option to choose a ventilation unit with a pre-heating element to optimise ventilation for as long as possible in areas where extreme weather conditions are the norm; bypass function allowing the heat exchanger to be bypassed in summer when colder external air can contribute to cooling the home; and coarse filters provided as standard with PM1 pollen filter available optionally.

With all the accessories (Easyflex air ducts, Acoudec, roof and wall throughputs and sQair valves) perfectly aligned to the Endura Delta, Renson has all the elements required for an efficient, complete installation of a balanced ventilation system.

App control for resident and installer

The user can operate the ventilation system via an app (available for Windows, IOS and Android) that was developed to enable them to use the smartphone, via a home network, to control the ventilation unit, program the ventilation level, and monitor the general internal air quality. Moreover, the app also notifies the user when the filters need to be replaced or checked; allows the installer to quickly and conveniently adjust the balanced ventilation system; and simplifies logging the air flows and retaining the settings for each installation in support of any subsequent interventions at a later time.