The right selection of lighting can make all the difference to your home and garden. If you are looking for attractive lighting for your garden room or terrace cover, you should certainly consider LED lighting. It is economical, can be seamlessly integrated into your terrace cover or pergola, and is also highly versatile, thanks to RGB technology, which allows you to change the colour at any time to suit your mood.

RGB garden lighting

RGB LED lighting uses LED bulbs that last longer than ordinary bulbs and use less electricity for the same amount of light. LED lighting is perfect for the outdoors, where lamps often burn for hours. Even ordinary LED lights offer a selection of light colours or light temperatures at the time of purchase. When you want special colours, you should choose RGB LED lighting that allows you to decide the colour of the lights from cool blue to a warm, orange glow - each colour creating its own vibe.

For instance, purple stands for peace and tranquillity, and is ideal for an evening of wellness in the garden. Blue is the perfect colour for the night, creating its own mystery as well as a relaxing atmosphere. Orange is the warmest hue of all, and just perfect for cosy outdoor parties. Red is a daring colour, but worth experimenting with; it’s a warm hue that contrasts beautifully with the black of the night. Like blue, red is a great colour for receptions in the garden.

Renson terrace covers with integrated lighting

Renson terrace covers such as Camargue and Algarve allow you to integrate ambient lighting in different places. Wireless integration makes sure the fittings are not noticed during the day. Simply switch them on in the evenings to enjoy the atmosphere to the full on the terrace.

RGB ambient lighting can be integrated in the columns of Camargue terrace covers. Both Camargue and Algarve models allow downwards and/or upwards RGB lighting to be placed on the inside of the duct. If you prefer white light, you can install pure white or warm white LED lighting in the louvres.

With RGB lighting, there’s no need for extra light fixtures, and there are no visible cables. The lighting can be controlled with the remote or an app on your smartphone and has a dimming function. Best of all, LED technology makes sure your garden lighting is economical too.