Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to get your outdoors including your garden back into shape.

Spring cleaning your garden

Renson offers a quick checklist for you to tick off as you prepare your garden for a new season.

Trim the hedges

Begin with focussing on the unattended parts from winter. Trim all the bushes and hedges, and prune all summer-blooming shrubs. Plants that bloom in autumn such as roses and lavender will continue to thrive in spring once they are trimmed. Don’t forget to prune the dead branches from your hydrangeas, too.


A tiresome job for any gardener, weeds need to be removed from your garden to reduce their harmful effects on your beautiful plants. Some weeds shoot up as early as March, so it’s best to nip them in the bud before they start producing seeds.

The fertiliser boost

After the long, hard winter, your plants will need a little extra boost with fertilisers. If possible, try organic fertiliser. While all plants can do with fertilising in spring, remember that some of them will need extra nutrients later in the year as well.

Revive the lawn

Lawns don’t do too well during the winter months and need some tender love and care in springtime. Spring-cleaning your lawn involves dethatching it to remove all moss so that the grass can breathe more easily; re-sowing bare patches; and lastly, fertilising the lawn completely.

Garden furniture

Once you have taken your garden through the spring-cleaning steps, it’s time to focus on your beautiful outdoor furniture, which you must have stored safely away before the start of winter. Spring-cleaning garden furniture depends on how it was stored during the cold season. For instance, if your garden furniture was stored under a patio cover sheltered from the weather conditions, a good rinse will suffice.

Patio covers

Spring is also the ideal time to give your patio cover a good clean-up. Renson offers several tips to get patio covers looking spick-and-span, ready for spring and summertime.