Argent Alu has released a new adjustable finger plate designed to simplify the installation of Argenta Invisidoor invisible door frames.

By offering adjustability of ±3mm to the left or right, the finger plate makes up for any potential play in the mounting of the door frame. The finger plate also comes with a cover to conceal the screws after assembly, allowing the installation to perfectly fit in with the frame.

An Invisidoor door frame can still be correctly installed even if the floor isn’t finished during the structural phase. The adjustable finger plate is specifically provided with a marking at 1000mm from floor level when the standard installation height of the finger plate is at 1005mm.

Both the Invisidoor Basic and Invisidoor DL door frames (standard and custom) are now available with adjustable finger plates as standard. The finger plate is available in three colours: white, grey, and black.

Argent Alu products are available in Australia from Renson.