REHAU  New Zealand is using Geothermal Energy to supply Underfloor heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation to a house in Queenstown New Zealand.

REHAU was approached by Mr. Albert George from “The Central Heating Company” in Queenstown New Zealand to supply Geothermal Energy for the Underfloor heating and cooling system for his customer’s house in Arrowtown, Central Otago New Zealand.

The home owner, Mr. Scott Reid had requested an energy efficient solution for the heating and cooling of the new house as an alternative to the commonly used fossil fuel burning systems. In response to this, The Central Heating Company have designed and installed a complete geothermal heating, cooling and ventilation system for the dwelling.

A complete geothermal solution of this nature is a first for the region, and has immediately gathered a large amount of public interest with Albert and Rehau supplying 6 new dwellings in the region with the same systems.

Mr. George from The Central Heating Company has over 40 years experience designing and installing Underfloor Heating and Cooling systems throughout Europe and New Zealand. For this project, he has designed and installed 3 x 110m PE-Xa probes to be used in conjunction with a ground source heat pump, to supply 3,000m of Hydronic Underfloor heating and cooling. REHAU will also supply a ground to air heat exchanger system called AWADUKT Thermo to supply geothermal fresh air ventilation to the dwelling.

REHAU Australia/New Zealand will also work with Mr. George from The Central Heating Company to design, supply and install the first complete ‘Passive’ home to the same region. This home will feature all of the geothermal products stated above in combination with REHAU double glazed windows and doors, pre-insulated pipework and a PE-Xa plumbing system.

It begins an exciting time in sustainable construction for the region with The Central Heating Company and REHAU at the forefront in the implementation of sustainable, energy efficient building solutions.