REHAU  has developed and introduced the Rautitan gas pipe system for NG and LPG internal gas service installations.

As part of the Rautitan pipe family, the Rautitan gas system compliments the existing pipe systems to provide a universal system for all plumbing, heating and gas services.

The Rautitan gas pipe system:

  • Pipe: Available in sizes of 16-40mm, Rautitan gas stabil composite pipes consist of three unique layers: a self-supporting, pressure-resistant inner layer of cross linked polyethylene (PE-X); a middle layer of butt welded aluminium and a polyethylene outer coating.
  • Fittings: Comprehensive range of de-zincification resistant (DZR) brass fittings. Marked with a yellow dot for easy identification and individually packed as set (fitting + compression sleeve).
  • Pipe Protection: Rauguard - Galvanised steel protective conduit for protection of Rautian gas stabil pipes from mechanical damage; PE Protective Conduit - Yellow polyethylene corrugated protective conduit for chemical protection of Rautitan gas stabil pipes.
  • System identification label: Adhesive label for notification of pipe system installed.


  • Universal system: One fitting, one connection, one tool - all applications
  • Local support and service
  • Tried and tested for local conditions