Redstar Equipment  presents the new Sumo Jumbo electrical distribution boards featuring high quality European electrical components.

The Australian designed Sumo Jumbo electrical distribution boards combine state-of-the-art functionality and performance with superior safety standard compliance.

Designed to provide mine spec electrical distribution capability in a compact, lightweight design, the boards can be run from mains or generator power and can be cascaded or ‘daisy chained’ together to service the needs of larger construction sites or events.

Key features of Sumo Jumbo electrical distribution boards:

  • Available in a variety of combinations and colours
  • Includes both three phase and single phase outlets, all individually RCD and MCB protected with a main isolating switch for overall protection
  • Designed to lock together and stack 8 units per pallet delivering great freight cost benefits
  • Incorporates high quality European electrical components assembled in Australia
  • Lightweight alloy tie off rails that double as convenient, certified lift points enable the unit to be moved around the site with ease and safety by hand, forklift or crane
  • Portability further enhanced by the briefcase style design
  • All outlets and connectors recessed or flush fitted to ensure they cannot be broken or damaged in transit
The Sumo Jumbo has been nominated in the 2013 Australian International Design Awards to be held in Sydney in June this year. The Jumbo is part of a family of Australian designed electrical distribution products including the Sumo Half Squat, Squat and Super Jumbo, which will be added to the Redstar product suite later in the year.