Redstar Equipment  introduces the new Series 2 generators by Denyo.

The new Series 2 generators maintain the superior quality and reliability of Denyo machines while introducing several new features to benefit Australian customers. Denyo generators offer fuel efficiency, superior build quality and extremely robust construction, making them ideal for rental fleets.

Denyo generators are built for use as prime fixed generators and prime mobile generators.

A prime fixed generator is installed as the sole source of power in one fixed position and will rarely be moved over its life. Fuel consumption will be the primary criteria for selecting this generator as fuel accounts for more than 90% of the cost of running a diesel generator. However, one could opt for a machine with a lighter frame to save money as the machine will not be moved around.
A prime mobile generator, similar to the fixed model is mostly likely to run 24/7 and fuel consumption is again, the key decision-making criteria. A robust canopy must also be selected as the unit will be moved from site to site.

Series 1 and Series 2 generators

The Series 1 sets are imported direct from the Denyo factory to a standard worldwide Denyo specification. Once at Redstar’s specialist workshops they are re-wired to meet Australian standards with additional fittings added or built to meet specific customer specification.

The Series 2 machines are custom built ex-factory to meet Australian standards and pre-built to Redstar’s stringent specifications. Pre-fitted outlets will include 15amp, 32amp and 63amp outlets. Features also provided as standard on the Series 2 generators include emergency stop, 110% bunded base, rain gutters, three-way fuel valves and all doors equipped with auto cut out.

Redstar assures shorter lead times on all Series 2 generator models between 13KVA and 150KVA, thanks to the machines being pre-built to Redstar standards.

Generators from both Series 1 and Series 2 range will continue to be custom built or refitted with additional items at Redstar’s workshop to meet specific customer specifications.

Redstar Equipment distributes Denyo generators across various industries in Australia including the rental and mining segments. Redstar provides fuel efficient options to all rental companies to help strengthen hire opportunities. Redstar Equipment has distributed 2135 Denyo generators in the Australian market in the last three years.

Denyo is one of Japan's leading manufacturers of engine-driven generators, specialising in the development of portable power sources for construction and maintenance applications. Denyo’s product range includes engine-driven power generators, engine-driven welders and engine-driven air compressors.

Redstar Equipment is the sole distributor for Denyo generator sets in Australia.