Now available from Redstar Equipment , the Denyo DCW-480ESW CC / CV dual operator diesel engine welders enable CV welding on both Side A and Side B, for the ability to run dual wire feeders.

These diesel engine welders are a compact 1540mm in length, 720mm wide and 885mm in height with a dry weight of 500kg. They have been designed to operate in virtually all environments, from very hot to cold climates.Operators can pre-set voltage to .1 of a volt at the machine prior to welding commencement.

Once the weld is started, the Denyo DCW-480ESW will display actual voltage feedback for an accurate display of welding parameters and enable tighter control of welding procedures.The diesel welders feature a low RPM (1,500 / 1,800 min-1) high-output diesel engine with low fuel consumption.

Additionally, these units can also be used as a 20kVA/60HZ high capacity generator. With a voltage regulation of within ±1.0%, AC power can be used while welding is being performed.