Leading Australian hose reel manufacturer, ReCoila Reels has introduced a new range of reels designed to supply hydraulic oils in moving applications in mining, quarrying, construction, energy, transport and shipping as well as the general engineering sectors.

ReCoila’s Automation AG Series is a range of constant tension automation hose reels specifically designed to supply hydraulic oil from fixed to moving points on cranes, truck mounted cranes, forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment. To meet the varying demands across these industries, especially the mining industry, ReCoila’s Automation Series hose reels can accommodate anywhere from a single hose to six hoses.

An internal drive spring ensures any AG Series reel remains under constant tension, allowing thousands of repetitive cycling motions without causing any fatigue to internal components. Each unit in the series incorporates high quality bearings and components as standard for high cycle rates and high life expectancy during extended duty cycles, demanding applications and tough environmental operating conditions.

ReCoila’s Automation AG Series hose reels also feature heavy duty construction to handle constant repetitive unwind/rewind motions of crane arms or forklift lifting mechanisms, ensuring reliable operation.

ReCoila’s Automation Series hose reels can handle all types of hose and cable combinations and working pressures.