ReCoila Reels announces a new remote control accessory for effortless control of their steel hose reels.

The completely pre-wired control panel offers a compact and economical solution for the forward and reverse control of ReCoila's 12VDC or 24VDC rewind hose and cable reels. The control panel is fitted with an easy-to-use remote pendant housing the two-position switch for forward or reverse control of the drive motor.

The control panel can either be mounted to the reel itself, or in a remote location to suit the individual application. The remote pendant allows the operator to operate and control the reel from a safe distance up to 15 metres away.

The control panel is sealed for protection against the elements, suiting the typical harsh application environment of the hose reel. The remote control system also features an activation sequence to protect against accidental power-ups.

ReCoila’s new remote control accessory for hose reels is not suited for applications that require explosion-proof ratings.