Australian reel specialist ReCoila Reels has observed an increasing preference by offshore platforms for hose reel products made in Australia.

Offshore oil and gas platforms face multiple challenges of isolation and harsh conditions; ReCoila Managing Director Mr Michael Pawson says a domestic based solution is starting to make more sense to operators faced with hose handling duties.

Mr Pawson recalled how the offshore sector was a very tough industry for the domestic reel sector to gain greater market share, even though their location and engineering and design expertise represented pure positives to all types of offshore energy operators along the Australian coastline.

According to Mr Pawson, offshore platforms are now convinced about the practicality in getting their reel requirements serviced from the closest domestic point. Being 24-hour operations, these platforms need instant access to new and replacement technologies at their doorstep, which imported reel suppliers are unable to service, resulting in downtime and potentially lost productivity.

Domestic reel manufacturers are also increasingly being invited to tender for solutions at the design stage, helping them create a much better solution-driven process that ensures highly suitable, customised and productive outcomes for the client.

Mr Pawson says ReCoila reel technology is being used by several new offshore platforms.

Reels are used by offshore platforms for multiple purposes including fuelling, lubricating, product transfer, safety equipment and firefighting systems, pumping and bilge control among many others. The marine conditions create a potentially corrosive environment for the reels, requiring every reel to be designed, built and supplied to AS1940 Standard (often in marine grade 316 stainless steel).

Mr Pawson concludes that sourcing reels from an Australia-based supply chain by international operators in the area delivers multiple benefits including proximity, speed, and access to service personnel.