ReCoila Reels  announced a range of pressure washer reels in both spring rewind and hand crank versions with pressure ratings to 4500psi (345 Bar).

Fitted with Super Swivels these ranges of reels from Reelcraft are specifically designed to handle the demanding rigors of high pressure water blasting applications.

The Spring rewind reel models are available with a capacity of up to 30 metres of 10mm. The hose are of good rugged powder coated steel construction with full flow high pressure swivels and fluid paths.

Hand crank reel versions are available to handle up to 60 metres of 12mm and hose with operating pressures to 3000psi (207 Bar).

The inclusion of Super Swivels is a critical aspect for the reliable performance of this range of Reelcraft pressure washer reels. Super Swivels are fitted with a grease nipple allowing for regular lubrication of the swivel seals.

Most reels used for pressure washing applications suffer leaking swivels due to the fact that the swivels do not have the availability for the seals to be re-lubricated. High pressure water, whether cold or hot, with or without detergents or solvents will erode the lubrication of the seals and cause binding these leaks an all too common problem with high pressure reels.