ReCoila Reels has developed a strong, safe and ergonomically sound range of fire fighting hose reels for use in diverse industries as well as rural areas.

ReCoila T Series hose reels are designed for fire fighting applications in industries such as energy, mining and resources, marine and ships, heavy industry, transport, emergency services and capital works.

ReCoila T Series hose reels can be customised to suit specific needs of the end user including transfer of fuels and lubricants, general fluid handling, large truck servicing, watering, high-volume compressed air, food transfer and firefighting services.

ReCoila hose reels are available with 12-24 VDC rewind motors, 240 VAC rewind motors, hydraulic rewind, pneumatic rewind, reduction drive bevel crank and hand crank options.

Key features of ReCoila T Series fire fighting hose reels:

  • Electromechanical clutch and speed reducer for greater performance in the field
  • Can handle a wide range of hose sizes, lengths and pressures
  • Frame and spool offer easy access for maintenance and service when required
  • High-quality baked-on flame red powder coat or hot dip galvanised finish options can withstand tough firefighting conditions
  • Fabricated from welded, heavy gauge 3mm steel plate for rigidity and strength
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel 304 and 316 or aluminium
  • Heavy duty welded spool allows the hose to be wound ‘charged’ or ‘uncharged’ to prevent crushing effect
  • Standalone friction brake allows the operator to preset sufficient friction to prevent over-spooling
  • Direct drive method of gear to gear, reduces maintenance costs associated with chain drive system alternatives
  • Rewind speeds maintain acceptable and controlled rewinding of the hose while maintaining sufficient torque to rewind a fully charged hose
  • Available in right-hand or left-hand configurations
  • Optional auxiliary bevel crank drive with disengaging drives reduces wear on the drive system
  • Standard working pressures of 800psi can be increased up to 10,000 psi on request