ReCoila Reels has launched a new range of hose reels that can be configured for trailer-mounting or truck-mounting in road and rail constructions.

ReCoila’s Gen III Air/Water series (AW Series) reels allow teams working on road construction and rail construction to safely and more efficiently handle water and pressurised air.

By keeping water and air hoses on long lasting reels, hoses are always organised, neatly coiled and off the ground, thus reducing potential trip hazards on site.

Manufactured from impact- and corrosion-resistant polypropylene as well as high quality components, ReCoila AW Series hose reels are robust and reliable to withstand tough industry demands and heavy duty cycles.

Being an Australian company, ReCoila can supply parts and service immediately in the event of any issue, unlike imported alternatives that will need to wait for weeks for foreign proprietary parts.

ReCoila’s Gen III AW Series is available in a range of hose lengths up to 20 metres, and hose ID from 8mm to 12mm. The AW series can handle up to 240 PSI working pressure at 30°C.

The AW Series reel is also suitable for compressed air, and models are available with special purpose EPDM rubber hose for applications where welding spatter adversely affects standard hoses.

ReCoila also designs and manufactures custom hose reels for individual client requirements.