Leading Australian reel specialist ReCoila Reels emphasises the need for workplaces to implement sufficient safeguards to prevent potential risks presented by poorly managed hoses.

A part of Australian industry since the 19th century, hoses and cables are often not given enough attention when it comes to the potential dangers they can present employees in the workplace. When hoses are placed or stored inadequately, they can not only impact the functional aspect but also become a safety hazard at the workplace.

Managing Director of ReCoila, Mr Michael Pawson observes hoses and cables are not properly managed due to the general conditioning over decades that they are meant to be tossed in a corner or a heap, and expected to be under everyone’s feet during use.

Poorly managed hoses and cables are a primary cause of trip hazards. Some of the most common causes of industrial injury are muscular stress, followed by falls, trips and slips. Factories and workplaces use hoses and cables for all manner of applications, each one carrying potential safety hazards and risks including trips and falls due to stray hoses and cables; ergonomic injury from moving heavy, awkward hoses; leakage causing wet areas; and chemical injuries from running chemicals through damaged hoses.

ReCoila advises businesses on how best to eliminate these risks by installing reels and associated equipment that not only suit the application but also meet the company’s budgetary allocation.

Off-the-shelf imported reels may save some cost initially, but these can often come without post implementation assistance; additionally, their strength can sometimes be questionable.

Being an Australian company, ReCoila manufactures their hose reels onshore to stringent Australian quality standards, and also extends post-implementation technical support to users.

ReCoila’s approach to workplace safety and hoses is to analyse the right high quality hose and cable management solution to reduce the risk of trips and falls and improve the safety record of the workplace.

The installation of hose reels will increase productivity by providing operators a more effective means of handling hoses, cords and cables in their workplace environment. Reduction in downtime and lower maintenance costs are additional benefits of efficient hose management.

ReCoila is a manufacturer of an extensive range of Australian made hose, cord and cable reels. Their product range is supplemented by select products from renowned manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

ReCoila Reels’ range includes composite spring rewind hose and cable reels, fabricated steel reels in powder coated finish, stainless steel and aluminium reels with hand crank, and motorised versions. ReCoila also manufactures a reel specifically for cordoning off dangerous equipment and restricted areas. These barrier reels, available with yellow chain or orange webbing, are ideal for demarcating no-go areas and limiting access through roller doors and open work areas.