ReCoila Reels offers a wide range of hose reels, cord reels and cable reels, and most recently it has introduced the T Series fire hose reel.

The company has a long standing association with Australia’s fire and emergency services, supplying strong, reliable, high quality hose reels, an the T Series offers enhanced operational performance.

T Series fire hose reels feature an electromechanical drive clutch, meaning there is no need for cables or a lever system. It also features an adjustable independent friction brake as well as direct drive spur gear and ring gear, removing the need for chain and sprockets. When not being used, the auxiliary bevel crank is disengaged and can be engaged when and if required.

The fasteners, main axel and four way rollers are all manufactured from stainless steel, and the heavy duty bolt together frame design allows for airflow and resistance to corrosion.

T Series fire hose reels manage 1 inch hoses at a length of 60 metres and can rewind at speeds of between 0.2m/s -0.4m/s based on the 60m x 25mm spool capacity.