Hose reels from ReCoila Reels were recently caught in a blazing fire while being transported to the Port of Broome.
The two customised reels from ReCoila’s RF Series were being transported on a long haul truck to be put to use in high-volume marine refuelling applications. En route to the destination, on an isolated stretch of road in regional WA, the truck carrying the reels suffered a wheel fire. Though the driver was able to escape unharmed, both truck and reels were damaged beyond repair. However, onlookers commented that the hose reels fared much better in the blaze than the trailer.
The management at ReCoila found a silver lining in this situation: the reel withstood the extremely hot fire far better than the truck did. ReCoila was able to swiftly build two replacement reels and re-ship as soon as possible to minimise disruption to their client.
ReCoila is an Australian manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in designing and engineering hose reels, specialising in custom made reels.
Suitable for hose or cable, the RF series hose reels are ruggedly constructed for use with large diameter hoses and long hose lengths. The RF series finds use in offshore refuelling, aquaculture aeration systems, hose storage and other applications where long lengths are required. These hose reels can be custom made to virtually any size, providing versatility of use in underground mines and firefighting.
ReCoila RF hose reels come with various options including motorised or hand crank versions, heavy duty construction in powder coated steel, galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel, live reels with fluid paths or storage only reels, static, transportable or vehicle/trailer mounted as well as single or multiple spool options among others.