Recoila  offers industry its range of Powereel 3 phase Electrical cable reels, spring rewind, in PVC construction.

The PVC construction of the Powereel 3 phase Electrical cable reels offers integral safety in that it is double insulated. The Powereel 3 phase Electrical cable reels are manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 3105 electrical standard and are manufactured in Australia by Recoila.

Models available include 10amp, 15amp, 20amp and 32amp in 3 phase 415V models and are complete with 20 metres of cable plus inlet lead, ready to install (plug tops not supplied).

Recoila Powereel 3 phase Electrical cable reels can be used partially or even fully coiled; the full length of cable need not be uncoiled to use it safely.

This is due to the large diameter plastic drum onto which the cable is coiled, which reduces the EMF (heating) effect to well below acceptable levels as required by AS/NZS 3105. The function of Powereel has been fully tested to meet the rigors of industry, safely.

Many industries use hose reels for the reasons of both safety and efficiencies, while at the same time the use of extension leads in many applications is not as safely managed as could be the case.

Recoila Powereel 3 phase Electrical cable reels will add additional safety to workplace environment, protecting cables when not in use, ultimately protecting against possible electrocution as well as greatly improving efficiencies (not having to find where that extension lead is) and reducing costs of replacement cables.

Single phase 240V models are also available.