ReCoila Reels has launched a new website designed to offer a great user experience to visitors.

The newly revamped ReCoila Reels website features a completely new interface built from the ground up for fast navigation, enabling the user to find information easily.

Some of the new features on the ReCoila Reels website include reel search, distributor search, help centre, FAQ, engineering capability, industry information and educational tools.

The Reel Search feature allows the user to narrow down their search by hose ID, length, pressure, rewind type and more. Specific search tools are provided for highly specialised reels such as electrical cable reels.

The Distributor Search feature offers a simple postcode search with the familiar Google map interface to find ReCoila distributors.

Help Centre offers plenty of online support including common troubleshooting and servicing information.

The new site also has a dedicated FAQ section and a warranty area where the buyer can register their new hose reel warranty online.

Engineering Capability offers a lot of information about the company, its capabilities, custom hose reels and the design process.

The Industry Information section features specialist recommendations for defence, firefighting, fuelling, plumbing/ jetting, food processing, safety and various industrial sectors.

The Educational Tools page educates the visitor about using hose reels and different types of reels; and also features a custom hose reel gallery.