Australian reel specialist ReCoila Reels presents the Reelcraft 9000 Series designed for wide applicability across Australian industries.

Reelcraft has incorporated a dual fluid path into its 9000 Series heavy-duty hose reels to accommodate longer lengths of twin hydraulic hose. Featuring a heavy gauge base design, this technology is specifically engineered for truck or work bench mounting, a characteristic highly sought after in Australia especially by the mining industry, energy industry and public works and maintenance teams.

Reelcraft 9000 Series reels feature heavy duty spring retractable reels and can handle air, water, oil and grease with a choice of ½", ¾", 1", 1¼" or 1½" ID hose. The 9000 Series reels provide a high level of stability when used for high volume air, water, diesel fuel and petrol, and are therefore ideal for service trucks and permanent service or plant work areas. 

A durable baked-on powder coat finish on individual components produces a rugged corrosion resistant product suitable for a wide variety of fuels and heavy duty applications. 

All Reelcraft 9000 Series fuel delivery reels are equipped with full flow swivels and low temp Buna seals, and incorporate metal forms to ensure superior strength, making them ideal for mobile and fixed mount applications.

Key features of Reelcraft 9000 Series also include robust latching mechanism featuring a substantial surface area to limit the opportunity for premature wear; long life drive spring with a declutching arbor virtually eliminating possibility of spring damage due to reverse winding; and high quality spring steel construction maximising service life.

ReCoila is Australia’s only authorised Reelcraft distributor and can supply a wide range of Reelcraft reels for many industrial applications.