A recent incident demonstrated the engineering strength and craftsmanship invested in hose reel design by ReCoila Reels .

A long-haul B-double freighter carrying two ReCoila hose reels and travelling to Fremantle caught fire. The driver escaped unharmed and for the most part, so did the two hose reels on board that were destined for one of ReCoila’s clients at the Port of Broome.

The reels were custom designed and manufactured at ReCoila’s Sydney facility for a unique offshore fuelling application involving the effective dispensation of large volumes of fuel required by the surrounding offshore gas operations. Normal fuelling methods were rendered impractical due to the massive tidal fluctuations in Broome.

Their client had installed high flow bunker points on the Broome wharf so that large volumes of fuel could be delivered by specially designed and metered bunker trucks fitted with fuel hose reels. 

ReCoila’s custom manufacturing team designed and built two RF Series hose reels, each to hold 25m of 3″ ID hose to enable high-flow refuelling. Each reel has a 415V electric drive system with forward/reverse and speed controls.

The reels are constructed of heavy duty 3mm steel plate to ensure rigidity and strength, and mounted on heavy duty castors to enable the fuelling hoses to be easily moved from one fuelling point to the next. A new set of hose reels will soon be installed at the port.