Radial timber screen boards are produced from narrow sections of durable timber. They are generally used for household security, privacy or climate control. Screen Boards do not require chemical treatment and can be supplied in a wide range of fine sawn or dressed (DAR) boards. Both bevelled and square edge profiles are available in random or precision docked lengths.

Radial timber screen boards are usually sawn from naturally durable regrowth hardwoods, like Silvertop Ash, Southern Mahogany or Yellow Stringybark. However, other species may be available on request. Class 1 and 2 timbers are both suitable for external use.

Radial timber screen boards can be supplied in both square and bevelled edge sections. Boards may be unseasoned with a tungsten sawn finish or seasoned and dressed (DAR).

Unseasoned timber screen boards are produced to order and about two or three weeks lead time is standard. Radial Timber Sales only keep a limited range of seasoned (DAR) boards in stock, so additional lead times may have to be added to some sections.