Radial Timber Sales  recommend Shiplap timber cladding as an alternative to traditional softwood or manufactured cladding systems. Shiplap timber cladding is profiled from back sawn bevelled edge boards that overlap to produce a continuous vertical or horizontal cladding system.

External Shiplap timber cladding is supplied dressed and seasoned in a range of widths. It is usually made from durable regrowth hardwoods like Silvertop Ash, Southern Mahogany and Yellow Stringybark.

Exposed timber cladding tends to fade to a silver grey colour if it is uncoated. The degree to which this happens depends on the amount of sun, wind and rain it sees. The timber used in this above ground product is natural durable. Generally it doesn’t need additional treatment against decay.

However, native timbers should be offered some weather protection while acclimatising to local wether. Radial Timber Sales recommends the application of an oil based sealer or decking finish on external timber, especially if unseasoned or fixed during extreme weather conditions.