Victorian company Radial Timber Sales has invented and developed a new method of sawing timber logs that is said to be the first real change to sawing patterns since commercial milling began. This is important as timber supplies dwindle and the preservation of native forests becomes an issue.

The process, known as radial sawing, results in: greater recovery from smaller logs, more stable sawn timber products that shrink uniformly, chemical free timber procured from Victorian hardwood species that do not require additional preservation, a cost-effective replacement for imported products and sustainable timber production from hardwood plantations.

Although some radially sawn products are based on conventional timber profiles, most have unique qualities and characteristics. They include natural edge weatherboards, straight edge hardwood weatherboards, drop or wedge segments, square edge decking, random bevelled edge decking and timber slat screens.

Other products include board and batten vertical cladding, ceiling linings, shiplap linings, flooring, bevelled edge boards, handrails, rafters and poles.

Source: Building Products News.