R10  +   is a company that provides anti slip systems for wet and slippery floorings. This anti slip system also has a non acid etching feature which will preserve the look of internal and external floorings. The R10+ anti slip treatment can be used on hard floorings like glazed brick, ceramic tiles, granite, terrazo marble, river rock, engineered stone, concrete, porcelain and quarry tile.

R10+ anti slip system has been subjected to slip tests from CSIRO for porcelain and ceramic tiles. In addition surface test analysis of ceramic tile has also been done to check the efficiency of this anti slip treatment.

The R10+ anti slip treatment has moisture reactive properties as it is chemically bonded to the substrate's surface pores. Thus it reacts when it comes in contact with moisture. Since R10+ is not a coating, no drying time or cure time is required after application on the flooring. After the floor substrate is treated, the floor can immediately be walked on.

The R10+ anti slip flooring system works by instantly reacting to moisture thus creating an anti slip condition. Hard floorings generally have pores on their surfaces. When water collects in these pores it makes the flooring slippery. On treatment of the floor with the R10+ anti slip system, the moisture is not allowed to collect. By being below the surface, R10+ is also not walked on.