Moisture reactive

R10 anti-slip treatment is chemically bonded into the surface pores of the substrate and reacts when contacted with moisture. The moisture from a wet shoe is enough to create an instant reaction.

Not a coating

R10 anti-slip treatment is not a coating. Once the floor substrate has been treated no cure time or drying time is required, therefore the floor can be walked on immediately following application.

How does it work?

  • Untreated surfaces: Hard flooring is naturally porous. Water collects, creating a hazardous, slippery surface.
  • Treated surfaces: R10+ anti-slip treatment lies below the surface of the flooring when dry, so it is never walked on.
  • Treated wet surfaces: R10+ anti-slip treatment reacts instantly to moisture creating an effective anti-slip condition.

R10 anti-slip treatment is available from R10 .