Find the best builder for the best price by using the new building tender service, Quote My Plans .

Whether you want to build a pergola or deck, extend your house, renovate it, or build a new one, you can now find the best builder for your project in just four simple steps.

Quote My Plans is a new website for construction tenders, which allow you to select a builder by uploading your building plans and receiving quotes from various builders.

You will be able to select a builder from tenders received that match your budget and time-frame.

It’s a smart, simple way to source the right builder for your construction or renovation project.

Builder tenders will be in accordance to exact project specifications, you can also review builder profiles and compare quotes to find the best match, saving everyone time, money and stress.

The four easy steps for finding the right building tender for you, are:

  1. Complete the checklist: Comparing tenders is easy when they all address the same criteria. A building specification list will need to be uploaded, which is usually provided by your architect or building designer. If you don’t have one, an online one is provided.
  2. Upload your plans: Attach a PDF or JPEG of your building plans on the ‘post a project page’. Add requirements, photos, preferred start/finish dates and any other documents. Your plans are then made available to builders and carpenters to submit tenders.
  3. Compare and select: Each tender allows you to access the builder’s profile page to view their qualifications, building licences, insurances, references and feedback. Once a preferred builder is selected, Quote My Plans encourages you to use a building contract provided and get it signed by both parties.
  4. Payment details: Quote My Plans charges a flat fee of 1.9%, only after a builder has been selected for a project, Quote My Plans send an invoice, which is payable within 31 days. The invoiced amount will be deducted from the selected builder’s total quote. Feedback is encouraged once building work is complete.