Quote My Plans  has launched a new online tendering solution designed to save time and generate new revenue for architects and building designers.
The brainchild of carpenter Luke Mckirdy, QuoteMyPlans.com.au was developed in consultation with Ron Forbes from Ron Forbes Building Design to address the frustrations of traditional tendering processes, which are usually very laborious and require design professionals to spend hours on sourcing builders, sending plans and chasing quotes.
Shifting the emphasis to working smarter, not harder, the QuoteMyPlans.com.au online tendering solution provides a streamlined way to source a builder according to budget and timeframe.
Complete structural and engineers’ plans along with architectural drawings are posted once, and builders supply quotes according to exact specifications. With builders quoting for all kinds of jobs from decks and pergolas to renovations, extensions and new houses, one can select the best quote for every project.
According to Mr Mckirdy, by taking the tendering process online, it makes it simple to compare and select the best builders quickly and efficiently without the frustration of the traditional tendering process, which is time-consuming and repetitive. QuoteMyPlans.com.au also enables architects and building professionals to save their clients thousands of dollars with competing quotes from the wider market.
With 0.5% cash back on every project, the revolutionary tendering solution is proving popular with architects, draftsmen and building designers for the additional revenue stream. Unlike most tendering websites, QuoteMyPlans.com.au shares the revenue, with design professionals receiving 0.5% of the total project value.
The site is secure, so only the builders quoting on plans can view them. Preferred builders can be invited to quote, or the opportunity may be opened to new builders. Architects and building designers can also access builder profiles to review qualifications, building licences, insurances, references and feedback.