PUB Australia offers a broad range of bathroom suites to suit all sorts of households and accommodation. The range includes:

  • Toilet Suite: The basic bathroom suite.
  • Mini: Ideal for studios or solo flats with limited access and space, these feature only the functional requirements.
  • Econo: This money saver offers plenty of space
  • Maxi: This is the largest of the "Ensuite" range. The bath has arm and head rests and an optional spa. It provides maximum useability in minimal space.
  • Bathroom: Complete moulded room with concealed cistern and plumbing. It is a top of the range bathroom suite, with luxury throughout.
  • Ensuite: These are compact bathroom suites which are ideal for bedrooms, granny flats or budget resorts. They are available with no hob for the disabled.
  • Expanded Ensuite: There is additional room in the basin area with moulded bench and an optional cupboard door.
  • Aussie: This is great as a 3/4 bathroom or luxury ensuite with plenty of room. For an extra cost, the Hob can be reduced in the shower for the partly disabled.
  • Mini-Econo: For restricted areas, this is ideal for budget hotels, resorts and so forth.