PUB Australia  manufactures innovative bathrooms and ensuite in Australia. These are used for many applications in different sectors throughout the country. The high quality modules from PUB Australia offers many beneficial features.

PUB Australia offers extensive range of bathrooms. The important features of the PUB bathrooms are high gloss, integral shower and / or bath, moulded walls, floors and ceiling, internal finishing and external framing with timber. The taps are plumbed in to the cold and hot water pipes for C and H connections. The modules are placed on structural sub-floor base and can be easily fixed onto conventional buildings.

The different types of modules available at PUB Australia makes it ideal for any kind of application. These modules eliminate leakage and maximise the floor usage. The modules are also highly resistant to mildew and it is easy to clean as well as maintain the glossy surface. All the PUB ensuite modules can be easily dismantled and can be taken to existing buildings through the standard doorways.

PUB Australia also provides modules for partly disabled and disabled. The added advantage in PUB bathrooms for ill and disabled people is that, it can be removed and relocated.