The Warragamba Dam project required the construction of an auxiliary spillway separate from the adjacent 140m high existing dam structure.

The spillway is carved out of the sandstone to a depth of 50m with over 55000m3 formed concrete used in the construction.

Because Warragamba Dam and its catchment provides drinking water to over 80% of Sydneysiders, heavy emphasis was placed on use of environmentally friendly products and safe work practices.

Products such as Acrylic AC100 and Power-Fast adhesives that could be in contact with water during and after construction, required approval prior to use to ensure these safety standards were maintained.

Main Powers Fasteners ' products used:

  • Power-Fast
  • Carbide
  • AC100
  • Screw-Bolt
  • Power-Bolt
  • Power Foam


  • 6000 M16 SS rods with AC100 adhesive were used on the spillway drainage covers.
  • 26mm diameter Power-Bolt-s were used on the cover plates on the roadway across the top of the dam wall, these high strength anchors that could sustain the 50-ton mining trucks and equipment constantly crossing.
  • Power-Fast adhesive used extensively for rebar installation throughout the project.
  • 12mm Screw-Bolts were used for the balustrade across the top of the spillway and dam.