Powers Fasteners  offers a range of screws for a variety of screw applications with Treated Pine Timber including a countersunk trim head square drive decking screw in both Trade bag or Bulk packs.

In Australia and New Zealand the Treated Pine Timber industry predominantly uses CCA (Chromate Copper Arsenate) as the treatment preservative, more recently there has been an introduction of ACQ (Ammonium Copper Quaternary), with its higher copper concentrate there has been increased concern in the market on the issues surrounding the suitability and compatibility of the various fastener materials for use with all copper based treated pine timber.

The requirement for one type of cost effective screw fastening solution that can withstand galvanic corrosion attack for all types of Treated Pine Timber has now been solved with the innovative Pinecoat range of Treated Pine Screws.

Powers Fasteners’ Pinecoat screws have a proprietary mechanical plating that has been developed in Australia; Pinecoat provides a barrier against these treatment chemicals and also seals and protects the exposed heads of the screws and the drive recesses, which are commonly prone to corrosion as they capture and hold moisture.

Powers Fasteners’ Pinecoat treated pine screws are now available, included in this range is new Pinedek screw, a purpose designed 9 gauge trim headed countersunk screw specifically designed for fixing treated pine decking.

Powers Fasteners’ Pinecoat can be applied to a wide range of powers fastening systems on special request.