Powers Fasteners’ Chem-Bolt system was an ideal high performance anchoring solution for the temporary Tilt Panel foot anchoring at the new Silver-Field West water drainage project in New Zealand’s North Island.

Construction of a pre cast concrete inner wall of the water reservoir required anchor props to be installed into the reservoirs concrete floor.

One of the requirements was the need for a totally removable, non corrosive anchor.

The Chem-Bolt anchor is a one piece removable metric stud bolt that is used in conjunction with Power-Fast PLUS adhesive injection system.

The Chem-Bolt has a proprietary coating applied to the threaded section which does not adhere to the cured adhesive and allows adjustment of the bolt both forwards and backwards into a spacer cap which is located over the end of the Chem-Bolt.

The Chem-Bolt was totally removed from the reservoir floor.

As a further product system benefit, the Power- Fast PLUS epoxy used to set the Chem-Bolts has drinking water approvals and considered a safe adhesive to be used in this environment.

200 Tubes of Power-Fast PLUS used Chem-Bolt sizes used M20 x 150, M20 x 200, and M20 x 250.