Peace & Quiet Insulation  offers a wide range of noise insulation materials. Some of the noise insulation materials available from Peace & Quiet Insulation include:

Soft fibre absorption

Insulfeece: New Australian wool insulation rolls with twice the acoustic properties of man-made fibres.

Polyroll: Polyester rolls, pads and batts in a wide range of densities, thicknesses and widths to suit all acoustic applications.

Acoustic barriers

NuWave: Australian made and owned range of acoustic barriers in a wide range of densities, types and sizes - Acoustic underlays, isolating and impact foams and panels for timber, concrete, tile and carpet floors. Pipe and duct lag and all other noise control materials.

Reverb noise absorption

PQ panels: Absorb reverb noise within studios, restaurants and bars, conference and board-rooms, school, church and public halls and all enclosed spaces where reverb noise needs reducing.

Secondary windows
Magnetite: Modern acrylic based glazing system.

Acoustic door and window seals
Lorient: Acoustic sealing system for wide range of door assemblies give sound transmission
loss from Rw 29 to 42.

Pipe, plant and duct lag
NuWrap5 Lag: Rolls and the new efficient pre-cut flats, straights, bends, junctions and traps to quickly and effectively lag all waste pipes. This lag meets BCA requirements.

Acoustic downlight covers
NuWrap5: Especially designed covers neatly fit over a wide range of downlight sizes to prevent noise from passing through ceilings to floors above and to reduce fire risk.

Aircon and other plant enclosures
P&Q build enclosures to reduce A/C, pool, compressor and other mechanical noise to meet BCA and EPA requirements.

Eco friendly floor, wall and roof insulation
All Australian made and owned E-Therm bi-metallic foam for acoustic and thermal insulation.