PQ Panels from Peace & Quiet Insulation are a range of fibre covered acoustic panels designed to deliver highly effective reverb absorption in a room.

A typical problem observed in bars, restaurants or clubs is the rising chatter noise that gets worse over a period of time with people speaking up just to be heard by their friends. This noise is very irritating and can also cause guests to leave the venue. PQ Panels from Peace & Quiet Insulation can resolve this noise problem.

Fitted to walls or ceilings in bars, restaurants, clubs and other hospitality venues, PQ Panels absorb reverb and restore a comfortable ambience to the room.

Recent installations include the Four in Hand hotel in Paddington where PQ Panels have been fitted in their front bar to facilitate comfortable conversations among patrons. The magnificently restored Bellevue Hotel in Paddington also features PQ Panels to reduce reverb in the front bar and the terrace dining area.