Noisebar Allweather duct lag, from Peace and Quiet Insulation , attenuates noise from exposed air conditioning, pumps, fan coil units, ventilation fans and all other plant that is exposed to all weather conditions and requires sound insulation.

Noisebar Allweather duct lag is a 25mm convoluted polyurethane absorption foam which is naturally hydrolysis resistant, and therefore suitable for sound insulation of moist areas where condensation or rain may be present. The insulation foam is combustion modified so as to not self ignite. This all weather duct lagging is laminated to a 5kg/m2 foil faced acoustic barrier, fire tested to AS1530-3;- which in turn is laminated to an ultra high performance zero permeability aluminium insulation cladding for heavy-duty all weather mechanical protection.

This aluminium Venture Tape VentureClad 1577CW is a zero permeability, absolute vapour barrier for insulation and jacketing applications. It can be installed to ducts or other areas requiring sound insulation, quickly and easily with no special tools required.

This easy to use self adhesive insulation application results in significant time, labour and cost savings. The high performance aluminium sound insulation jacketing performs well over a wide temperature range (-30deg F to + 248deg F application surface temperature), improving the all weather effectiveness of the Noisebar Allweather duct lag.

Noisebar Allweather duct lag sound insulation is supplied in rolls of 1350mm x 3000mm. The insulation foam and the 5kg/m2 insulation foil was faced barrier tested to Rw26*, with a single wrap over the ducts, improving further with double wrapping.

*Rw rating is a single number summarizing the transmission loss of a material over frequency range from 100 to 3.15 kHzAS/NZS1276.1:1999.