The increasing trend of creating exclusive rooftop spaces reflects the property owner’s desire to maximise the value of prime real estate. Rooftop decks are popular across the hospitality, commercial property and residential apartment segments not only for the financial gains that can be expected from the investment, but also for the enhanced experience these spaces provide to patrons, occupants and residents in terms of the wonderful views.

Daniel Goldstein in an article in Market Watch says, "A rooftop deck addition can return double-digit profits in some markets.”

But how easy is it to design and construct these valuable spaces?

Houzz contributor Andrew Boyne observes, "Because roof terraces are typically located over internal spaces of the house, ensuring the terrace is waterproof is the biggest challenge for designers.”

Traditional solutions for constructing rooftop decks have been limited to floating timber structures or deck jack pedestals to support the surface materials. Both methods have limitations in terms of waterproofing, durability and stability.

The surge in demand for rooftop decks (generally built on waterproof membranes) has led to the development of an innovative proprietary system called QwickBuild.

Designed by Australian company Outdure, QwickBuild is a structural framing system that addresses issues with existing solutions, with the lightweight and versatile interlocking aluminium system also providing architects and developers the opportunity to customise rooftop spaces with infinite configurations of decking, tiles and turf.

The QwickBuild system has been successfully installed in a broad range of projects across commercial and residential segments including the iconic Sky Waikiki rooftop deck in Hawaii, and the complex clover-leaf shaped decks for the Shangri-La penthouse, Parkview Residences comprising of a large exterior plaza, a penthouse rooftop deck and multiple internal decks for each apartment.

Key benefits of the QwickBuild system include low height installations (71mm); exponentially faster construction times; lightweight frames allowing easy handling, transportation and installation; and frames available in kit-set or made-to-measure options.

Designed as a specialist solution for low height deck installations, the QwickBuild systems can also be used in diverse applications over natural ground and concrete.