Whether you are entertaining or simply spending some time by yourself in your backyard, an outdoor deck is what you need to create the perfect setting. If you are looking for one of the easiest and quickest ways to add a deck to your house, start with the QwickBuild aluminium framing system by Outdure.

Check out these tips for building an awesome deck for summer with Outdure; you can either hire a professional to install it or you can tackle it yourself, thanks to the simplicity of the QwickBuild system.   

With the QwickBuild aluminium framing system by Outdure, you can turn any flat surface such as a plain concrete patio or rooftop into an amazing deck. QwickBuild aluminium framing system is ideally suited for low height decks on even surfaces.

QwickBuild deck frames are highly versatile in application, allowing you to get imaginative with the design. As a low risk floating decking system, it can be a foundation for traditional decking boards, tiles, turf, or even a combination of different materials.

Outdure’s QwickBuild aluminium framing system delivers several benefits:

Low-risk: QwickBuild is designed to ‘float’ on a waterproof membrane without penetrating it, ensuring safety.

Lightweight and durable: QwickBuild is made from moisture-proof materials such as aluminium and 304 stainless steel for long-term performance.

Versatile: Use QwickBuild on multiple levels and around flowing structures. You can choose from decking tiles, turf, decking timber, or a selection of different materials to finish your deck.

Consider these tips before starting your decking project:

Get started early

Plan ahead and decide what you want for your outdoor deck. If you start early enough, you can have a deck to enjoy for the entire summer.

Going DIY or hiring a professional

Getting the deck up all by yourself is an excellent idea, provided you have the skills, time and patience to do it. It helps if you are quite handy with tools, have a practical mind and know what materials to buy to build your deck. If not, there is nothing wrong with hiring a professional to help make your dream deck a reality.

Legal requirements

Before you start planning your deck, check with your local council to ensure you don’t need any special permits to build a deck on your property.

Deciding the size

It’s easy to get carried away when you are planning your deck. Your dream deck could be a large expansive outdoor space but decide whether you will simply be using it as a nice little nook for family evenings or entertaining and throwing lavish parties for friends. If it’s the latter, a larger decking area right from the start will be easier than trying to expand your deck later.

Safety systems for your deck

Handrails and barriers need to be added to a deck depending on its location. Decks built around pools or at a height are required by law to have safety accessories such as handrails and barriers incorporated into the design.

Check out this video on the QwickBuild aluminium framing system.