QwickBuild, the aluminium framing system from Outdure was at the centre of a design challenge on The Block show, with the contestants using the product to achieve outstanding outcomes in their alfresco areas.

As one of the most important features of an Australian home, the outdoor entertaining area was the subject of a challenge on the popular Channel 9 show with contestants expected to create the perfect alfresco area within a limited space, limited budget and limited time.

When Channel 9 producers discovered QwickBuild with its quick, seamless installation and ability to achieve all the latest home design looks, Outdure soon became the preferred supplier for their outdoor projects.

QwickBuild deck frames ensure a seamless indoor/outdoor flow and can be used on different surfaces to create the perfect outdoor space.

Here’s a snapshot of the million-dollar looks achieved by The Block contestants in their alfresco courtyards using Outdure’s QwickBuild system.

House 1 – Mitch & Mark

Mitch and Mark decided on a fun and vibrant outdoor entertaining area. They selected Outdure’s Mineral structural tiles in Oasis laid on QwickBuild to complement the eclectic range of materials and tiled seats.

“For us, the aesthetics of the tile is what made it our winning courtyard.”

House 2 – Tess & Luke

Tess and Luke’s outdoor aesthetic is a dark and modern look to match the interior style of their home. To achieve this, they integrated two different Mineral range tiles in Oasis and Haze onto QwickBuild.

“With Outdure… we’re just flying through.”

House 3 – Deb & Andy

Deb and Andy wanted to create a beach vibe with natural accents, which they achieved with UltraPlush turf and Stone Inspire Omaha tiles. The use of turf and planter boxes with lots of greenery creates an outdoor oasis within a modern townhouse dwelling.

“The ability to create the indoor level with the outdoor using turf (fake grass) just brought everything together for us.”

House 4 – El’ise & Matt

El’ise and Matt achieved a simple outdoor area that seamlessly integrated their living room to the outside. They had the legendary Dave Franklin help with their landscape design, installing Stone Inspire tiles in River on QwickBuild for a natural effect. Judge Shaynna really liked the tiles they chose.

“A beautiful texture to it that actually works with the lodge.”

House 5 – Jesse & Mel (Winners)

Jesse and Mel opted to add a green wall as the key feature, complemented by Stone Inspire tiles in Omaha, installed on QwickBuild for an elegant outdoor entertaining area and the beautifully crafted bench seats. This is what Jesse had to say about the QwickBuild system:

“Honestly, I’ve been laying tiles for 10 years of my life; this is the fastest way I have ever done it. Without a doubt!”