Spanish Azul limestone, available from Ocean+ Merchant , is a fine-grained, dense limestone that is suitable for floor and wall applications. It is available in rich blue and mid-tone grey hues with minimal visible movement, and the finishes are honed, rough surfaced and sawn on a decorative clad wall. The Spanish Azul limestone is supplied in all tile sizes as well as slab or cut to size for cladding use.

Ocean+ Merchant supply all types of limestone. Composed of calcium carbonate, the limestones can vary in colour from white to bluey greys. The limestones can be plain or have movement throughout.

  • Colours: Azul Amanio, Camarge, Pietre Maramo and Seagrass
  • Sizes: 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 406x406mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm
  • Finishes: Flamed and Honed
  • Technical: Density 2.2-2.6g/cm³
  • Porosity 0.3-20.0%
  • Sealing recommended