It’s that time of the year again when you welcome the joys of summertime and plan a range of outdoor activities with family and friends.

As the mercury rises, you’re likely thinking fondly of the time you’ll be spending outside. If you are looking to renovate your alfresco entertaining area, using durable, weather-resistant materials will ensure longevity for your new furniture.

Trespa Meteon from Nover is a preferred material for alfresco kitchen designs thanks to its proven durability in the Australian climate.

Furniture designer FrancoCrea, who has led the way in using Trespa for durable outdoor furniture, writes about this ‘wonderfully innovative material’ in his blog below.

A little known material called Trespa is a wonderfully innovative material being used by cutting edge furniture designers in Australia to create unique refined luxury all-weather outdoor furniture. The material is specifically designed for external use and performs exceptionally well outdoors, looking great for many years to come. Sun and rain will have no significant effect on the material and comes affirmed with a 10-year material guarantee.

The high performing qualities of Trespa lie in its innovative technology, consisting of layers of wood-based fibre sheets (paper and/or wood) impregnated with thermosetting resins that create a waterproof furniture material. A transparent topcoat is added to the surface layers and cured by Trespa’s unique in-house electron beam curing technology to enhance weather and light protecting properties. These components are bonded together with simultaneous application of heat and specific high pressure to obtain a homogeneous non-porous material with increased density. Interestingly Trespa affords peace of mind with a fire-retardant option also.

Trespa’s inherent durability represents the core of its sustainability strategy. The longer the product lasts, the lesser the environmental impact to replace it. By implying fewer replacements, long-lasting durable outdoor furniture entails less use of resources, lower emissions of pollutants and a smaller amount of waste than short lifespan furniture. The exceptional high performing characteristics of Trespa provide the innate long-lasting quality of the material.

Requiring no special maintenance and offered in a variety of stunning finishes, Trespa is a hidden gem innovative furniture designers are embracing.

Photo: Alex Reinders Photography